Preventative treatments

by Dental Above

Preventative treatments

Prevention is better than cure; the mouth is a multitasking part of our body. It is part of our digestive system, we use it to communicate, socialise and express ourselves. The mouth can be simple to maintain with a good knowledge of how it works. Our practice places an emphasis on prevention. A 6 monthly scale and clean is recommended and additional fluoride or remineralisation agent can be applied if necessary. This includes oral hygiene instructions (flossing is not optional) and demonstrations on how to maintain optimal oral hygiene using an array of oral hygiene products readily available at the practice, a local pharmacy or supermarket.

Diet also plays a contributing factor to maintaining good oral health and a dietary investigation and modification can be provided. Our philosophy is that life is meant to be enjoyed; by educating our patients, a balance between enjoyment and preventing decay is better understood. It is about identifying food types and making better dietary choices.

Fissure sealants are routinely placed on teeth that are more vulnerable to plaque accumulation. A resin composite material is passively placed (no drilling) into pits and grooves to prevent plaque accumulating in them.

Bruxism (clenching and grinding of teeth) is also a common dental issue we routinely managing. This includes the fabrication of bruxism appliances (occlusal splint), sleep hygiene and physiotherapy.

Sports mouthguards are also recommended and custom made for our patients who play contact sport.