Dental implants

by Dental Above


A Dental implant is part of a range of treatment options to replace a lost tooth or gap in the mouth. Careful treatment planning is part of the success rate of implants from placement to restoration. In conjunction with cone beam computed tomography (CT) scans, impressions and photographs, the right length, diameter and type of implant will be chosen for each individual space. Our practice uses a few different implant systems including MIS and Osstem implants.

The placement of the implant is performed under a surgical setup at the practice. The implant is allowed to integrate with the surrounding bone before a crown is placed on the integrated, stable implant.

Our practice is able to restore most implant systems that are available in Australia including Straumann, Astra, MIS and Osstem. The laboratory we use is one of the industry leading laboratories using innovative, modern technology.

We understand implants can seem complicated, so our dentists are available for a consultation and will be able to guide you through the entire process.