Dental examinations & radiography

by Dental Above

Dental Examinations & Radiography

Dental examinations every 6 months is part of a normal routine to maintain a healthy mouth. During the examination, the teeth, gums, tongue and surrounding tissue is examined. Intra oral photos are often taken to establish a baseline so that it may be used to compare in retrospect. Bite assessment (occlusion) is also taken into account during the exam and can be addressed orthodontically if required.

Every 2 years, a pair of radiographs (digital facilities are used at our practice) are recommended to be taken to check the bone levels surrounding teeth, tooth structure and the integrity of any restorative treatment that has been performed on the teeth.

All radiographs taken at the clinic are digital and our patients are protected with a lead apron during each exposure. Orthopantomograms (OPG) most commonly taken for wisdom teeth and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) interpretations are referred to a local imaging department and is bulk billed by Medicare. Once taken, our dentist can help you interpret the images and explain it to you.