Dental crown & bridges

by Dental Above

Dental Crown & bridges

A range of dental prosthetics is provided at the clinic. Removable prosthetics includes full, partial and immediate dentures can be made to suit each patient for their individual circumstance.

Existing, comfortable dentures that need a repair (a missing clasp or tooth), a reline of the fitting surface or a minor modification can be made. Existing dentures that are not quite right (wrong teeth colour and shape) or not as comfortable may be adjusted as well.

Fixed prosthetics include crowns, bridges and veneers.

Veneers are aesthetic in purpose and can provide a positive change to someone’s smile. A full assessment including photographs, impressions, mock up’s (trail veneers), shade and contour consultation with the ceramist and review appointments are made for the patient before any drilling is started. Veneers are not simple but do not have to be complicated. They are a work of art and every step it taken to make sure they are done well by working together as a group. These precautions and steps are done for 1 veneer or a set of veneers.

Dental Crowns are to protect existing tooth structure and be functional to use in the mouth. Crowns are commonly placed on teeth that have cracks, large restorations or have had root canal treatment. A variety of materials are available and the most commonly used material at our practice is zirconia and porcelain. Gold crowns are also indicated for certain circumstances.